About me …

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Hello, I am Sugathri Kolluru, a 25 year old, entrepreneur, design-thinker and strategist living in Hyderabad, India. Currently I am on a quest to find my own philosophy of building  and scaling startups.  On this journey I have co-founded two startups (Ludo and Mintables) over the past 4 years and have consulted for a broad range of organisations from other design oriented technology companies and local government bodies such as the rural commercial tax department. I strongly believe that for the success of any idea or technology, carefully planned strategy and a people first approach to solving problems are necessary and have been trying to do the same with my own startup.


In my free time, I keep formulating cool new business strategies. I am an avid fashion enthusiast and contribute designs to local boutiques, these designs are close to my philosophy of using materials and resources that can be traced all the way. I also possess an insatiable wanderlust, travelling to random places on a whim and trying out the exotic foods there (as long as they don’t involve dead animals !)


So please feel free to contact me at sugathri@mintables.com if you want to find out more about my work, or for collaboration, or just an insanely interesting conversation ! And remember :

“Have fun and change something….”