What is SafeMe ?

SafeMe is a simple werable “token” that is designed for working women, in case of an emergency, it lets them alert nearby people as well as friends and family to their location.


How does SafeMe Work ?

Unlike existing solutions that require the use of a phone or an app, safe me is a stand alone device, packing a GPS and a cellular modem, it communicates the users location as a distress signal to predesignated contacts. Additionally, SafeMe leverages the presence of other SafeMe users or registered “helpers” (who signup to be notified when someone is in distress nearby), hence aiding timely assistance.

Screenshot 2015-06-23 19.49.14


How is it different ?

Most existing solutions are either in the form of apps for smartphone or smartwatches, which due to their complexity are not suitable for emergency use. SafeMe is built for this single purpose and its form factor and user interaction around it will be designed taking social acceptance, ease of wearing/carrying, robustness in triggering etc. This single-purpose nature allows SafeMe to last a year or more without replacing any batteries, allowing us to treat it as jewellery or an accessory instead of a gadget. Also, as mentioned above, SafeMe is unique in creating a network “helpers” by alerting nearby users.


How does it look ?

Even though the final form factor for SafeMe has to be arrived at through careful user testing and research, we propose the following form factors – (a) as a token on a handbag (b) around the neck as a pendant (c) a bracelet (d) built into corporate ID cards



What is the proposed plan of work ?

We see the 5 month period divided as follows –

Screenshot 2015-06-23 19.49.05